Interior Design Services

No two clients require or are the same. Whether you are undertaking a full scope interior redesign and renovation or just a one room makeover, my ethos is to bring you a uniquely tailored design to reflect your taste and your family’s needs.

Why you may need our help.  Whilst architects have considerable knowledge and expertise at the quality of construction and planning restrictions, they often have their trusted go to surface finishes for interiors which may not reflect your unique requirements as a family. Having us on board at a pre-planning stage means that we can work with your architect to make sure the planning will truly reflect your tastes in terms of the kitchen style, a particular type/size of bath and make sure that e.g. your current art collection or favourite heirloom furniture already has the perfect place with lighting cleverly planned already knowing what light fittings we will use, in all the right places before work begins. This can save you time, stress and money during the construction phase and ensure that no mistakes are made which will ultimately always end up costing the client to change.

Jacober Interiors GmbH has established trade accounts with many international furniture and fabric suppliers, and working experience with trusted local architects, contractors and curtain makers. This allows us to create the best design solution for your family and get you the best value and results for your budget, working with your architect on a large project or project managing smaller projects for you with our trusted network of contractors.

Contact me by email or call 078 735 8122 to arrange an informal initial meeting without obligation to discuss how I can help.